Advantages of Electronic Gold Testing for Jewelers

With the high price and volatility of gold today, more efficient gold-testing methods are being used to establish the value of items like jewellery or coins being purchased, sold, or recycled. Testing gold and precious metals demands accurate and reliable results to eliminate variability and subjectivity, and ensure fair transactions. That’s why businesses turn to ... Read More

The Simple Guide to Dental Lab Equipment

What are Dental Lab Equipment? Dental laboratory equipment includes all systems that are used in the manufacture of fixed or removable prosthetics. These systems are critical for your ability to produce dental restorations, regardless of whether your lab uses the most advanced digital dental technologies to make production more efficient or uses time-tested techniques to ... Read More

The Difference Between a Jewelry Welder & a Spot Welder

Spot welding is a type of welding that uses a small metal rod to weld two pieces of metal together. The spot welder is used to create jewelry and other objects out of metal. Jewelry spot welders for sale are useful for making jewelry because they can attach different pieces of metal together without any ... Read More

Making the Right Crucible Choice: Graphite vs Ceramic

What is a Crucible and Why Do We Need to Choose One? A Crucible is a place where one can be exposed to the most intense heat. In the context of this article, it is the place where you are going to be exposed to the most intense heat in order for your steel (you) ... Read More

Which jewelry cleaner should I use?

It is essential to maintain your jewelry in good condition. It can be difficult as there are many ways to care for your jewelry. Modern technology makes this a simple task. Two types of jewelry cleaning machines are popular: ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or jewelry steam cleaner. These machines have the main advantage of allowing you ... Read More

Tips on Testing Your Vulcanizer for Jewelry Making

Jewelry mold makers have many problems with vulcanizing silicone and natural rubbers. This is usually due to improperly or faulty vulcanizing presses. The mold will not cure properly if the temperature drops too low. The rubber may become stiff if it is heated too much. Rubber can also shrink to an extent and turn into ... Read More

Tips on How to Choosing A Premium Jewelry Steam Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your jewelry, an ultrasonic cleaner alone will loosen the dirt and grime from your jewelry and give it a beautiful clean look, but in a few days you may find it looking dirty again. Using a jewelry steam cleaner in addition to an ultrasonic will leave jewelry sparkling like new ... Read More

How To Maintain a Jewelry Rolling Mill

A jewelry rolling mill machine is for life if it is looked after properly, let’s get to the maintenance side of things to keep the roller working the same way it did when it was purchased. There are a few do’s and don’t that I have been taught and stuck to. Do’s At the end ... Read More

Complete List of Jewelry Making Tools for Jewelers

1) Jewellers Anvil Jewelers anvils are some of the smallest and lighted anvils available, with most models only weighing a few ounces. Although they may seem fragile, they’re actually incredibly durable and a necessary tool for most goldsmiths. 2) Pliers Jewelry piers are a handheld tool primarily used to hold or bend small objects. They ... Read More