How To Choose Crucibles for Blacksmith Shop

Modern blacksmiths utilize many different tools and pieces of equipment, such as the crucible. Learn more about different types of crucibles for your workshop. When you’re first starting out in the modern blacksmithing hobby or business, it can be difficult to tell all the different equipment and tools apart. You’ll find that different tools and ... Read More

Things to consider when buying a Gold Melting Furnace

Production of gold has come a long way. It started with the use of propane stoves in hot surroundings and later to a clean and simple one-step procedure. Nevertheless, purchasing a gold melting furnace is essential as it will help you make the production easy and effective. However, with numerous melting furnace for the same ... Read More

What should consider when choosing jewelry burnout oven?

What is a Jewelry Burnout Oven? A jewelry burnout oven is a machine that can be used to melt down and remove the metal from old jewelry. This process is a great way to recycle old jewelry that you no longer want or need. A jewelry burnout oven can be used for many different purposes. ... Read More

What is a Jewelry Testing Tools and How Does it Really Work?

Jewelry testing machines are used to test the quality of jewelry. They are also used to test the durability of jewelry and its value. Jewelry testing machines work by using a diamond point that is heated up to a specific temperature and then it is placed on the surface of the jewelry. The machine then ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Portable Gold Tester For Your Needs

How Does a Gold Tester Work? Gold testers are used by prospectors to test for gold in the earth. Prospectors use them to find gold deposits and locate the best places to mine for gold. A portable gold tester is device that uses an electrical current to test for the presence of gold. This tool ... Read More

Tips on choosing jewelry rolling mills

What is a Rolling Mill? How does it work? The jewelry rolling mills are used for creating metal rings and chains. A jewelry rolling mill can be either a rectangular or circular-shaped machine. This machine is specifically designed to produce high quantities of jewelry. The key component of a rolling machine is the jewelry rolling ... Read More

The Differences Between Ultrasonic & Steam Jewelry Cleaners

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners use high-frequency vibrations to break down the dirt and grime in jewelry. They are also effective at cleaning delicate surfaces like watches and gemstones. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, use steam to loosen up the dirt and grime on jewelry before it can be removed by a brush. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners: ... Read More

What is a Wax Injection Machine and How Does It Work?

A wax injection machine for jewelry is a device that can cast molten metal. It is a casting machine that uses a plunger to inject molten wax into the mold. Wax injection molding has many uses in the manufacturing industry, including jewelry casting and die-casting. The process is used to make low-cost, high-quality products. A ... Read More

Differences Between Propane and Gold Induction Furnaces

The Difference Between Propane and Gold Induction Furnaces The difference between a gold induction and propane melting furnace is that the former uses gas while the latter uses electricity. The main difference between a propane and gold induction melting furnace is that the former uses gas while the latter uses electricity. The main difference between ... Read More

The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Lapidary Drill Press

Jewelry drill press are a great tool for drilling holes in various materials such as stone, ceramic, and metal. They are designed to be used with a variety of drills and bits. The top 5 reasons to use a lapidary drill press: Drill through hard materials like stone, ceramic, and metal with ease Accurately drill ... Read More