What are the benefits of using a Jewelry Micro Motor?

A Jewelry Micro Motor is an electronic device that is used to reduce friction and increase torque on a jeweler’s bench. The device comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. It can be placed under the workbench or it can be mounted to the side of it. Jewelers use this motor to reduce ... Read More

How to choose a proper rolling mill machine

A jewelry rolling mill is an investment worth considering. It is a good investment that will last a long time. An investment in your company’s future will be made by a quality mill. What is a mill of “good quality?” Jewelerstoolsmall models are the best value for money. Brass bushes and other features reduce the chance of ... Read More

5 ways to use your Rolling Mill Machine

Hand in hand, jewelry rolling mills and jewelry studios are one another. Some jewelers use their rolling machines to imprint designs on an annealed sheet of metal. Other artists use a rolling machine as the main raw material worker in their studios. You can see these and other uses in action. 1. Embossing patterns on sheet ... Read More

What is the working principle of a flexible shaft grinder?

Before you settle on a jewelery polishing tools, there are many options. The SR motor is the industry standard for general use. However, the LX motor, a high-torque, low-speed option, is perfect for special applications like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling. Fixed Flex Shaft handpieceThe shaft can be removed so that the handpiece ... Read More

Basic Must-have Jewelry Casting Equipment List

Jewelry casting is the process by which a wax pattern is made into a jewelry mold and then filled with molten metal or silver to create a custom piece of jewelry.  It is also called lost wax casting because the wax is always “lost” during the process of making jewelry. Metal casting equipment to add ... Read More

Top 4 mini gold melting furnace you should know

Whether you are a metal casting lovers or a professional jewelry manufacturer, the small gold melting furnace is indispensable in your creative process. The metal melting furnace can quickly help you melt metal raw materials into liquid and cast it into the shape you need. Next, you need to use other tools to process the cast new shape. ... Read More

Why Do We Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal?

Watch case manufacturers, class ring manufacturers, earring manufacturers, body jewelry manufacturers and other quality jewelry manufacturers with broad markets can quickly and efficiently remove jewelry polishing compounds with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. Why Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal? In a word: efficiency. Ultrasonic cavitation, the implosion of microscopic bubbles against the surface of the jewelry, safely ... Read More

Which Jewelry Microscope is Suitable for You?

An important thing to consider when choosing a jewelry microscope is its head type. Monocular, binocular, and trinocular head types are designed differently and suited for particular types of observations. Monocular Microscopes Monocular microscopes have a single tube that houses an eyepiece at one end and an objective lens at the other. The design means ... Read More

Tips on choosing a suitable jewelry digital microscope

Gemologists rely on high-quality microscopes to do their work. Perhaps the most common usage of microscopes in gemology is to conduct an appraisal of a stone. The jewelry microscope needs not only to have enough power to be able to see flaws and inclusions in a stone, but also features that accommodate viewing gemstones of ... Read More

What should conside when choosing jewelry compressor?

Silent-Air compressor for jewelry is virtually silent because it has the same type of enclosed, oil-recirculating compressor as a refrigerator. It’s perfect for apartments, mall stores, bedrooms, or anywhere air compressor noise is undesirable. In addition to its standard filter-regulator, this complete unit comes with a special oil-removal filter. Super Silent: Low running noise, creates ... Read More