Guide to Gold Plating Step by Step

Gold plating with jewelry plating machine is an easy technique, but before beginning the process, make sure your plater follows the best practices for best plating results. Step 1: Surface Preparation The surface of the metal to be plated must be very clean, so oils or dirt must be removed, and the piece must be ... Read More

Simple Steps in jewellery casting process

The five steps in jewellery casting process are as follows: 1. Wax modelThe casting preparation begins with the wax model. Based on the 3-D rendition of the design, a wax model or resin material model is carved or printed to represent the pattern of a finished piece of jewellery. The model is then connected to ... Read More

How To Choose Premium Jewelry Polishing Machine For You

The final step in jewelry manufacturing is polishing a newly created piece to a mirror-like finish. This is easily done with a motor powered polishing machine. The machine has a motor that turns a polishing wheel, called a wheel buff. Some polishing machines have two arms since two wheel buffs are needed – one wheel ... Read More

Centrifugal and Vacuum Casting Procedures for Jewelry Making

A jewelry centrifugal casting machine uses the weight of the metal and centrifugal force (even if only an apparent force) to fill the mold. A jewelry vacuum casting machine uses a vacuum to suck the molten metal into the mold. Differences between centrifugal and vacuum casting will be explaining in the step-by-step guide below. Otherwise, ... Read More

Some Basic Knowledge of Metal Melting Furnaces

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, we are sure we have the right furnace for you. We carry small portable propane furnaces that are portable and convenient for small workspaces, and melting small amounts of gold, silver, or scrap jewelry. We also have several styles of melting furnaces for larger batches and efficiency ... Read More

How to Identify Natural & Synthetic Gemstones

According to the FTC, any gemstone whether created in nature or in a lab can be classified as “real” if it contains identical mineral makeup. This means that synthetic gemstones are classified and sold as “real”, although not as “natural”. To be labeled natural, stone must be produced by nature. Natural Gemstones: The term Natural ... Read More

Tips on Selecting a Premium Gem Testers

A diamond & moissanite tester is a portable device that you can put in your pocket. The tester has a small, needle-like tip that needs to be placed on the stone tested. If the diamond is real, the device indicates that on its display or with a sound signal. How Diamond Testers Work Diamond testers’ ... Read More

Tips on Choosing a Right Jewelry Making Equipment

Having the right equipment is key to the success of every jewellery maker. Luckily, the industry offers jewellery producers an expansive array of tools for sizing rings, cutting diamonds and gemstones or stone setting, as well as high-technology gem-testing equipment to meet their manufacturing needs. What is Jewelry Making? Jewelry is ornamental pieces that are ... Read More