How To Choose Premium Jewelry Polishing Machine For You

The final step in jewelry manufacturing is polishing a newly created piece to a mirror-like finish. This is easily done with a motor powered polishing machine. The machine has a motor that turns a polishing wheel, called a wheel buff. Some polishing machines have two arms since two wheel buffs are needed – one wheel ... Read More

How to Choose a Excellent Jewelry Polishing Machine

When choosing a jewelry polishing equipment, there are a few things that you are going to keep in mind. These factors are going to include the type of jewelry that you own, whether you just want to polish jewelry at home or the machine is for a shop and, of course, your personal budget. The ... Read More

How to Identify Natural & Synthetic Gemstones

According to the FTC, any gemstone whether created in nature or in a lab can be classified as “real” if it contains identical mineral makeup. This means that synthetic gemstones are classified and sold as “real”, although not as “natural”. To be labeled natural, stone must be produced by nature. Natural Gemstones: The term Natural ... Read More