Advantages of Electronic Gold Testing for Jewelers

With the high price and volatility of gold today, more efficient gold-testing methods are being used to establish the value of items like jewellery or coins being purchased, sold, or recycled. Testing gold and precious metals demands accurate and reliable results to eliminate variability and subjectivity, and ensure fair transactions. That’s why businesses turn to ... Read More

Complete List of Jewelry Making Tools for Jewelers

1) Jewellers Anvil Jewelers anvils are some of the smallest and lighted anvils available, with most models only weighing a few ounces. Although they may seem fragile, they’re actually incredibly durable and a necessary tool for most goldsmiths. 2) Pliers Jewelry piers are a handheld tool primarily used to hold or bend small objects. They ... Read More

Tips on Gem Identification for Jewelers

People often ask me about gem identification. More specifically, they ask me to identify their gems. Some think I can do this simply by looking at the gemstones. Sometimes, I can. However, identifying gems is rarely that easy. In most cases, attaching the correct name to a gem requires some detective work. Gem Identification 101: ... Read More