Some knowledge of flexible shaft grinder machine

.As jewellers, we have a huge variety of tools available to us and some are definitely used more often than others. For intermediate to advanced level jewellers, one of those frequently used items is a craft drill or rotary tool. Laura-Jayne of Small Dog Silver jewellery shares her knowledge of the Foredom pendant motor / flex shaft motor to help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

Multi-Function Flex Shaft Grinder

Known as a pendant motor in the UK and a flex shaft in the USA, this is a motor that you use to drill, sand, polish and texture metal.

Many jewellers will start off with a dremel, an affordable option. However, as you develop your skills you will likely want to invest in a more powerful motor.

Don’t worry – it is a little overwhelming when you first start looking at the options. I’ll take you through the main types and that will help you to make a choice.

Has your flexible shaft grinder ever seemed to run too hot? Or has it started making a weird grinding noise? Wait a minute, when was even the last time that you paused to do any maintenance on it? Most flex shaft motors are made to run for years and years with minimal intervention, but they do need a little TLC