What is a Wax Injection Machine and How Does It Work?

A wax injection machine for jewelry is a device that can cast molten metal. It is a casting machine that uses a plunger to inject molten wax into the mold. Wax injection molding has many uses in the manufacturing industry, including jewelry casting and die-casting. The process is used to make low-cost, high-quality products. A ... Read More

Differences Between Propane and Gold Induction Furnaces

The Difference Between Propane and Gold Induction Furnaces The difference between a gold induction and propane melting furnace is that the former uses gas while the latter uses electricity. The main difference between a propane and gold induction melting furnace is that the former uses gas while the latter uses electricity. The main difference between ... Read More

The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Lapidary Drill Press

Jewelry drill press are a great tool for drilling holes in various materials such as stone, ceramic, and metal. They are designed to be used with a variety of drills and bits. The top 5 reasons to use a lapidary drill press: Drill through hard materials like stone, ceramic, and metal with ease Accurately drill ... Read More

What are the benefits of using a Jewelry Micro Motor?

A Jewelry Micro Motor is an electronic device that is used to reduce friction and increase torque on a jeweler’s bench. The device comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. It can be placed under the workbench or it can be mounted to the side of it. Jewelers use this motor to reduce ... Read More

The Difference Between a Jewelry Welder & a Spot Welder

Spot welding is a type of welding that uses a small metal rod to weld two pieces of metal together. The spot welder is used to create jewelry and other objects out of metal. Jewelry spot welders for sale are useful for making jewelry because they can attach different pieces of metal together without any ... Read More

How to choose a proper rolling mill machine

A jewelry rolling mill is an investment worth considering. It is a good investment that will last a long time. An investment in your company’s future will be made by a quality mill. What is a mill of “good quality?” Jewelerstoolsmall models are the best value for money.¬†Brass bushes and other features reduce the chance of ... Read More

5 ways to use your Rolling Mill Machine

Hand in hand, jewelry rolling mills and jewelry studios are one another. Some jewelers use their rolling machines to imprint designs on an annealed sheet of metal. Other artists use a rolling machine as the main raw material worker in their studios. You can see these and other uses in action. 1. Embossing patterns on sheet ... Read More

Making the Right Crucible Choice: Graphite vs Ceramic

What is a Crucible and Why Do We Need to Choose One? A Crucible is a place where one can be exposed to the most intense heat. In the context of this article, it is the place where you are going to be exposed to the most intense heat in order for your steel (you) ... Read More

Which jewelry cleaner should I use?

It is essential to maintain your jewelry in good condition. It can be difficult as there are many ways to care for your jewelry. Modern technology makes this a simple task. Two types of jewelry cleaning machines are popular: ultrasonic jewelry cleaners or jewelry steam cleaner. These machines have the main advantage of allowing you ... Read More

What is the working principle of a flexible shaft grinder?

Before you settle on a jewelery polishing tools, there are many options. The SR motor is the industry standard for general use. However, the LX motor, a high-torque, low-speed option, is perfect for special applications like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling. Fixed Flex Shaft handpieceThe shaft can be removed so that the handpiece ... Read More