What is the working principle of a flexible shaft grinder?

Before you settle on a jewelery polishing tools, there are many options. The SR motor is the industry standard for general use. However, the LX motor, a high-torque, low-speed option, is perfect for special applications like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling.

1000W Rotary Tool Flex Shaft Electric Hanging Grinder

Fixed Flex Shaft handpiece
The shaft can be removed so that the handpiece can be removed. However, the chuck cannot change as it is already fixed. This means that the handpiece cannot be changed in size and will not work with any other shanked attachments, such as the 2.35mm Shanked Accessories. You can change the flexible shaft grinder handpiece to release the shaft. Although this makes switching burrs more difficult, it could prove useful if you work with one burr for long periods.

Interchangeable Flex Shaft handpiece
An interchangeable handpiece system is different from the fixed system. It allows you to change the type of handpieces that you use whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for stone setting, engraving, or polishing. As you improve your skills, you will find that an interchangeable handpiece is extremely useful.

Here are some ideas for accessories and jewellery making skills.
These discs can be used to cut smaller pieces of metal and remove sprues from castings.
Drill bits to create holes easily
Burrs for engraving and setting
Rubber cylinders and abrasive sanding disks are available for polishing or pre-polishing.
For a unique surface texture, use wire mops or wheels
Polishing your fabric with soft fabric mops to achieve a high shine.

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