The season why we use a jewelry polishing tumbler

A Jewelry Tumbler Will Save You Time
Whether making jewelry is your hobby or your business, your time is valuable. And time is not a renewable resource. When I first started, I used to think that I had all the time in the world to invest in my business. I’d tell my husband, “What I lack in investment capital, I can make up with time.” Boy, was I wrong!

The Truth About Running a Jewelry Business
One of the most difficult lessons I learned is that making jewelry was the least pressing job that I had. There were bookkeeping and sales and marketing and purchasing and networking… All the things that made it possible for me to get my jewelry in front of buyers.

65W Jewelry Polisher Tumbler 5Kg

A Jewelry Tumbler such as jewelry magnetic tumbler Will Save You Money, and Help You Earn More Too
This one applies more if you’re looking to make money by selling your work. If you’re strictly a hobbyist, and you don’t mind polishing by hand, this argument may not really resonate with you. If you’re looking to make money, though, repeat after me: Time is a non-renewable resource!

Time is Money
You know that old cliche? Well, time really is money. Sort of. What I mean is that you can assign a monetary value to your time. In fact, you should be doing precisely that if you intend to build a viable jewelry-making business.

Maximize Efficiency with a Jewelry Tumbler
A Jewelry Rotary Tumbler allows you to batch your production. I used to make about a half dozen pieces at one time. When staged production line style, I could make six Twig Pendants or three pairs of Chalice Earrings from start to finish in about the same amount of time that it took to make just one of those pieces without staging.