Tips on Choosing A Premium Jewelry Faceting Machine

Choosing a proper jewelry faceting machine is a very challenging and very personal decision. You first need to assess the various qualities of different machines and then decide which factors are most important for your faceting experience.

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Let’s define each of these qualities before looking at machines: repeatability, reliability, speed, accuracy, cost, and availability.

This means that every time you cut a stone, the same actions produce the same effect. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to cut a round brilliant. Repeatability also means there’s some sort of reference point to help guide you towards cutting.

This means that if you buy a new machine, you’ll still have a working machine in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, and, hopefully, 20 years and beyond. Most faceting machines have a long life if you take care of them. Reliability also includes accuracy over the life of the machine and its included accessories.

This means how fast you can cut a stone. When comparing faceting machines, we’re going to see that the biggest challenge is the compromise between speed and accuracy.

This means how well the machine helps you cut a perfect stone. We use faceting machines because creating straight faces on a rock while holding it in our hand is very hard.

In addition to speed and accuracy, cost will probably be one of your main deciding factors. Cost tells us how much money we have to pay for a new machine, including shipping, import taxes, and accessories.

Some of the best machines ever invented can no longer be purchased because they’re no longer made. This will factor into your decision, because buying used is a completely different game with a different set of risks than buying new. In nearly all the examples in this article, we’ll assume you’re buying a brand new machine from the manufacturer, because any other type of comparison would be unfair.

The Hand Piece Machine
In my opinion, the hand piece machine makes the perfect compromise between the mast machine and the jam peg. Compared to the best jam peg machine, the hand piece machine will be more accurate, more repeatable, and more precise.

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