Different Types of Jewelry Polishing You Should Know

Centrifugal Disc Finisher
These jewelry polishing machines can accommodate wet and dry finishing. Centrifugal machines have a unique motor, which is why they are faster than any other finishing machine. They are up to 30X faster than a vibratory machine!

Desktop Jewelry Vibratory Tumbler
This jewelry polishing machine is very suitable for small workplaces. Since they have compact tubs, you can place them anywhere you want. You’ll get great results, and the machine won’t take up much space!

Eco Maxi 3 in 1 6 Liter Machine
This machine is a severe jewelry polishing machine. You can do three types of polishing with this equipment. That is wet tumbling, dry tumbling, and magnetic tumbling. The best part about it is that it’s also very cheap.

Magnetic Tumbler Machine
The jewelry magnetic tumbler is for intricate jewelry designs. Don’t judge the bowl size! It’s super small but also polishes your jewelry very well. However, it is not suitable for large amounts of jewelry, like other models. But you will be more than happy with the results.


Media for Jewelry Polishing
In all of China, Inovatec Machinery has the biggest assortment of finishing media. Ceramic media is the best media for hard metals, such as titanium. It deburrs and polishes. However, plastic is the most common type of media. You may also want to use porcelain if that suits your purposes.