What should conside when choosing jewelry compressor?

Silent-Air compressor for jewelry is virtually silent because it has the same type of enclosed, oil-recirculating compressor as a refrigerator. It’s perfect for apartments, mall stores, bedrooms, or anywhere air compressor noise is undesirable. In addition to its standard filter-regulator, this complete unit comes with a special oil-removal filter.


Super Silent: Low running noise, creates a quiet working environment
Low Vibration: Special rubber feet reduce vibration during operation
Pure Air Flow: Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation
Core Technology: Diamond-hard cylinder ensures durable performance
Easy to Use: Simply connect to power supply, no need for maintenance
Low Energy Consumption: Full automatic design, automatic stop and restart control
High Precision Filtration: With double filters, ensures high precision of outlet air flow
Anti-Rust Tank: Ensures pure outlet air flow for medical equipment

Model Number: GA-81
Power: 600W
Volt./Hz: 110~240V 50~60Hz
Speed: 1400/1750 rpm
Air Flow: 118L/min at 0Bar
Noise Level: 52dB
Max Pressure: 8Bar / 116 PSI
Restart Pressure: 5Bar / 72 PSI
Tank Capacity: 24L
Weight: 24/32kg
Product Size: 410x410x550mm