Why Do We Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal?

Watch case manufacturers, class ring manufacturers, earring manufacturers, body jewelry manufacturers and other quality jewelry manufacturers with broad markets can quickly and efficiently remove jewelry polishing compounds with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

S-Series 2-9L

Why Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal?
In a word: efficiency. Ultrasonic cavitation, the implosion of microscopic bubbles against the surface of the jewelry, safely and quickly dislodges and carries away jewelry polishing compounds and other dirt from all surfaces including those difficult or impossible to remove by manual methods.

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner in Jewelry Manufacturing
The equipment can be used to perform several functions in jewelry production. Polishing paste removal is accomplished at the 25 kHz (25,000 cycles per second) ultrasonic frequency in the X-tra basic unit.

Setting Up the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
A simplified description of the process includes adding water to the ultrasonic cleaner tank and the recommended amount of ultrasonic cleaner concentrate for that volume. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner and allow the solution to mix and drive off entrapped air (degassing). Degassing must be done each time a fresh cleaning solution is prepared.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Maintenance
Ultrasonic cleaning solutions will discolor and lose effectiveness over time. They must be replaced. At that time take the time to thoroughly clean the tank following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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