Top 4 mini gold melting furnace you should know

Whether you are a metal casting lovers or a professional jewelry manufacturer, the small gold melting furnace is indispensable in your creative process. The metal melting furnace can quickly help you melt metal raw materials into liquid and cast it into the shape you need. Next, you need to use other tools to process the cast new shape….

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Why Do We Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal?

Watch case manufacturers, class ring manufacturers, earring manufacturers, body jewelry manufacturers and other quality jewelry manufacturers with broad markets can quickly and efficiently remove jewelry polishing compounds with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. Why Ultrasonic Jewelry Polish Removal? In a word: efficiency. Ultrasonic cavitation, the implosion of microscopic bubbles against the surface of the jewelry, safely…

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What should conside when choosing jewelry compressor?

Silent-Air compressor for jewelry is virtually silent because it has the same type of enclosed, oil-recirculating compressor as a refrigerator. It’s perfect for apartments, mall stores, bedrooms, or anywhere air compressor noise is undesirable. In addition to its standard filter-regulator, this complete unit comes with a special oil-removal filter. Super Silent: Low running noise, creates…

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